Master of Christian Education

M.C.Ed 304: Fundamentals of Gospel Teaching and Learning.
Focus on Fundamentals of Gospel Teaching and Learning. Examine God’s spiritual and general order in design. Discover Biblical life management tools. Explore a surveying the Old and New Testaments. Develop relevant Biblical cross-referencing skills.  (2 credits)

M.C.Ed 344: Practical Bible Application
Explore the Scriptures for truths in practical Bible application for personal decisions. Explore an in-depth teaching of parables. Discover practical skills for Bible reading management. Analyze the miracles of Jesus during His life on earth; study the Triune nature of God. (3 credits)

M.C.Ed 345: Nature of Theology and Education
Focus on the Formation of Educational Theory. Study the Nature of Theology and Education. Identify categories of Theology. Examine Systemic Theology. Explore three Education Formats. Explore the context and content of the scriptures and the words of the prophets (3 credits)

M.C.Ed 346: Theological worldviews and Social Sciences
Focus on preparing edifying lessons. Examine Education in the Service of the Church. Study the necessity of Theology in Christian Education. Distinguish between Theological worldviews and Social Sciences.  (5 credits)

M.C.Ed 355: Biblical Principles for a Theology
Focus on principles of spiritual learning. Examine Biblical Principles for a Theology for Christian Education. Identify Educational Principles from the Scriptures. Explore Practical Implications for Christian Education (5 credits)

M.C.Ed 333: Explore the Council of Nicaea
Survey the Old Testament prophets and their message those in danger of judgment. Explore the Council of Nicaea; its effect on the Church. 
Study: General Introduction to Mediaeval Church History.  (5 credits)

M.C.Ed 477: Exegetical Fallacies.
Focus on Exegetical Fallacies. Examine The Evidential Fallacy. Study The Superior Knowledge Fallacy. Explore Word Fallacies.  Identify the fallacy of reading between the lines. Observe the Hebrew verb fallacy. Study the fallacy of ignoring particles.  Explore the Fallacy of Reduction. Study the New Testament Exclusion Fallacy.  (5 credits)

All Master degree candidates are required to do a thesis; of at least 150-pages. A third party company will edit the paper (at students cost.)  (15 credits)

 Finally, students will complete 200 contact hours in a degree-related occupation.   (10 credits)   

Total credits: 53

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