Doctorate of Evangelism

D.E. 401: Evangelistic leadership
Focus on Evangelistic leadership. Discover the eternal nature of God through Biblical study. Examine the promises given to Abraham. Investigate the promise of the Messiah. The Gospel message given to the Apostle Paul defined. Consider the difference between the laws of God versus the grace of God. (5 credits)

D.C.Admin 554 Manage By Objectives
Research methods of orderly Christian ministry; explore practical ministry skills. Study discipline organized planning; formulate a purpose for a ministry. Implement plans & evaluate results (5 credits)

D. Min 523 Grant Writing Proposal
Develop research skills of the background of potential proposals agencies. Examine planning processes. Create outreach skills. Explore methods to cultivate a relationship between nonprofit organizations and donors. Build a network of foundation and corporate funders. (7 credits)

D.E. 402: Intentional evangelism preparation
Focus on Intentional evangelism preparation. Examine the evil trinity which consists of Satan, the anti-Christ, and the false prophet.  Consider the spiritual root of disease. End times defined.  Godly communication skills outlined. (5 credits)

D.Min. 367 Critical Biblical Reasoning Skills
Explore key evangelism Scripture passages and Basic Doctrines. Examine the struggle with persecution. Consider Godly wisdom in dealing with such stressors.  Biblical guidance for understanding, for Jesus love for us and others. Study the social construct of modern day evangelism. (5 credits)

D.E. 403: Online Mentoring, Counseling and Discipleship
Examine practical Biblical evangelism.  Analyze the Seven Churches of the Book of Revelation. Study the apostolic message given to each church. Review the Great White Throne Judgment. (5 credits)

D.C.C. 440A: Discover Biblical communication skills
Explore the Biblical definition of a Christ center home. Explore Biblical goals for building a strong family unit. Study Signs of a Spiritually Abusive System. Discover Biblical communication skills in the Christian home. ( 5 credits)

D.E. 405: Biblical Apologetics and Traditional Apologetics.
Differentiate between Biblical Apologetics and Traditional Apologetics. Discover Natural Revelation. Explore obfuscation/theism; clarity/gospel/Christ-centered apologetics. Define 'Apologia.' Examine exegetical fallacies. Discover methods for supporting the Scriptures. Explore Gospel Apologetics. (5 credits)

D.C.S.Ph 444: of Christian Science Philosophy
Focus on: A Philosophical look at Theistic Evolution. Discover theistic evolution is compatible with biblical teachings. Discover everything (except God) has a point of creation, compare, contrast, the term evolution and theistic evolution. Discover God's role in creation through made beings such as properties: size, weight, chemical composition, temperature, form, and structure. Study God's control of the structure of creation. From a theistic evolution standpoint, define the scientific theories of cosmological, geological, and biological evolution. (15 credits)

 Complete a graduation exam.  Perform 200-hour Practicum or Internship; (20 credits) for practicum hours.
Dissertation – At least 200 pages with no less than 80 cited sources on a topic related to the degree major; (20 credits) for dissertations. All dissertations will be professionally edited by a third party editing company (at the cost of the student.) Total credits 97.


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