Associate of Ministry

A.Min 101: Essential Tools for Battling Spiritual Warfare.
Develop a mission-specific vision for a ministry. Explore goal setting skills. Examine the cynical nature of spiritual doubt. Identify essential tools for battling spiritual warfare. (5 Credits)

A.Min 103: Build Godly Conflict Resolution skills.
Develop spiritual integrity. Build Godly conflict resolution skills. Examine elements of a dysfunctional church, discover mentoring for the un-fathered church, and study the code of personal conduct in the ministry. (5 Credits)

A.Min 144: Internet Evangelism in the Missions Context
Focus on Internet Evangelism. Explore the Ministry of the Apostle Paul. Survey the New Testament. Study Covenant promises by God. Examine character traits of the Messiah. (5 credits)

A.F.G.F 103:  Specialized Knowledge And Abilities In At least One Area of Study
Examine the Old Testament shadows of the Gospel. Identify fundamental differences between the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of Heaven. Discover the promise of the Messiah through the Old Testament prophets. Determine the literary units. Explore biblical text as a unified document. (5 credits)

A.H.C. 144: History of Christianity
Explore the foundation of the Christian church. Discover the original form of church government. Examine oppression from Roman rulers.
Briefly, examine the Crusades (AD 1095-1275). (5 Credits)

A.B.S. 104: the Biblical Offices of Leadership
Focus on the Biblical offices of leadership. Study the Office of the Board. Review ministerial positions. Explore the plurality of management. Review multiplication for the unfruitful church. Consider the New Testament terms for leadership.  (5 Credits)

A.F.G.F. 105: Recognizing the influence of culture upon the Christian faith
Focus on the Torah; the life of Moses. Examine God’s chosen Nation. Explore biblical dispensations. Survey the Old Testament.  (5 Credits)

A.C.Phil 101: Psychological approach for the existence of God
Study arguments for defending the Christian faith. Examine the case for the historical approach and psychological approach for the existence of God.  Gain insight for defining God, his triune attributes. Discover God’s omnipresent, omnipotent, and eternal life. (5 Credits)

A.C.S.Ph. 177: Christian Science Philosophy
Focus on a philosophical, biblical presupposition approach to the origin of life. Define space, time, matter, and energy. Explore structures and entities. Examine reductionism. Study interconnectedness and wholeness, diversity in creation. Identify predictability, causality in relatively straightforward, dynamic, and law obeying systems. Define evolution, the brain, mental consciousness, and the history of nature, according to the Bible.  (15 credits)

Degree major-related essay, 50 pages (15 credits)
100 major-related practicum hours (20 credits)
(Total credits 90)